Waste disposers

We have food waste disposers for that are safe and efficient. A good solution for handling a limited amount of food waste. We also have food waste disposers that comply with MARPOL-regulations for discharging of food waste at sea.

Popular solutions

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Disperator 400 BAS for sink

Disperator food waste disposer Model 400 meets the requirements for handling small amounts of food waste in commercial kitchens and galleys.

The disposer grinds waste to a particle size that complies to MARPOL – regulations for discharging of food waste at sea. No welding is required for installing into an existing sink unit. A screw joint attachment is fitted into a 90 mm drain hole in the bottom of the sink onto which the disposer is connected. To suit drain connection the disposer with outlet can be turned and positioned in any direction.


  • Water trap
  • Safety switch
  • Solenoid valve for automatic flushing


Accessories (included)

  • Start/stop controller switch
  • Removable food waste feeder and cutlery trap
  • Jam release wrench

Power supply

  • 220-240V 50 or 60Hz 1ph

IMC 725

IMC Food Waste Disposers offer excellent throughput and performance at low operating cost with a high degree of operator safety. A long-life motor combined with special alloy grinding elements enable a variety of soft food waste, including plate scrapings and vegetable peelings to be disposed of quickly and safely.

IMC 725 is a compact and space saving solution for welding into table. Well suited for small and medium size kitchens.


  • Wall mounted IP65 control box
  • Automatic water control
  • Metal baffle and time delayed interlock system
  • Rubber housing to minimize noise
  • Automatic thermal overload to protect motor
  • Manually reversible motor for extended operational life


  • 400kg/hour or 850 covers pr. sitting



  • Class A airbreak
  • Magnetic cutlery saver
  • Available as free standing unit

Power supply

  • 230V 50 or 60Hz 1ph
  • 230/400/440V 3ph