Your galley and laundry partner

We deliver galley and laundry equipment to more than 100 ships every year! We are your supplier of reliable, durable and quality products, with almost 100 years of experience!

Layout and planning

It is vital that a kitchen or galley is well planned, because it increases efficiency and pleasure in one’s work.

We make great demands on ergometry, atmosphere, economy and operation when designing a work-place.

Turn-key solutions

We take care of the layout planning and engineering work.

We supply the equipment you ask for according to your specifications for your complete galley, pantry and laundry.

In-house production

Our long experience of in-house productions has given us valuable know-how for determing the appropriate quality for our gallery and laundry equipment.

Our factory is highly flexible and we are accustomed to placing our customers at the centre of our attention.

Image: The Beha 3140 GLS, our best selling gyro stabilized frying pan. Designed and produced by Beha-Hedo Marine in Norway. It is specifically designed to ensure a horizontal cooking surface during pitching and rolling of the ship.


There may be occasional need for spare parts to keep your equipment in failure-free operation.

We stock most frequently needed parts for all our equipment, and ship within hours of receiving an order, by the swiftest means of transportation.


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